Created in 1995, our audit department – Bonnefous Audit – is made up of expertly qualified accountants and experienced auditors, each FAOA certified. Our team has developed proven expertise in auditing mandates of all kinds.

Our audit missions go beyond the simple examination of your structure’s accounts; through our comprehensive business knowledge, we are able to integrate a complete analysis of your strategy and the risks inherent to your sector of activity.

  • Statutory and Specific Audits
  • AMLA Audits
  • Accounting / Auditing

Bonnefous Audit completes limited audit mandates (in accordance with limited audit standards) and ordinary audit mandates (in accordance with the Swiss Auditing Standards).

With expertise stemming from the very creation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), we have consolidated our knowledge of this sector over the years.

In order to successfully complete their mandates, our auditors possess in-depth, global knowledge of the world of entrepreneurship and business management.