Are you looking to begin an entrepreneurial activity but are unsure of how to create your company? Our legal advisors can support you throughout the company creation process, from selecting the legal form of your business, to the specific provisions to remember in your Articles of Association, and not forgetting an analysis of your contracts.

Company creation: which legal form to choose?

For all company creations or modifications, it is necessary to select a legal form. Based on your project, our legal advisors will be able to determine which type of structure is the most suitable for you: SA, SARL, ‘raison individuelle’, etc.

The decision regarding the most suitable legal form will notably depend on several specific characteristics of your project, such as the number of people involved in the company creation, the starting budget, the commercial risk or even the level of financial liability assumed by the business partners.

Company creation: respecting legal and administrative regulations!

Our legal advisors will also be able to draw your attention to the various judicial and legal issues relating to your activity and the best manner of organising and securing your relationships with your business associates.

From assigning a notary, to proofreading draft acts, to drafting the various contracts or legal documents necessary for the launch of your company, our legal advisors will support you in all of the initial administrative procedures so that you can dedicate yourself to your main goal: a successful start to your new business.

Our legal advisors will also assist you in the creation of:

  • Draft Articles of Association
  • Statutes of Association
  • Sole proprietorship ‘société simple’ agreement
  • Unincorporated ‘SNC’ partnership agreement
  • Shareholder agreement

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With the expertise of our 30 team members – expert accountants, legal advisors, auditors and tax advisors – we offer you a multidisciplinary perspective which guarantees efficiency through a comprehensive approach to the services we provide.

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