Based in Geneva since 1934, the accountancy firm Bonnefous & Cie is specialised in handling Swiss tax declarations for private individuals and for companies.

Our accountants and tax advisors are available to complete your tax declaration, request the correction of tax withheld at source, or to request ‘Quasi-résident’ status if you are a border worker and you meet the legal criteria.

  • Tax return
  • Quasi-résident status
  • Tax withheld at source and correction

The accountants at Bonnefous & Cie will complete your tax return based on the supporting documents that you provide them.

As of January 2010, Geneva border workers who generate over 90% of their income on Swiss territory may request ‘Quasi-résident’ status.

The accountancy firm Bonnefous & Cie can complete the correction request form for you and take care of all follow-ups with the cantonal tax authority.