Tax Advice

The accounting firm Bonnefous & Cie has been assisting its private clients with their taxes for over 80 years. Our team of legal and tax experts and accountants will offer you a personalised calculation, fully tailored to fit your tax situation and in accordance with Swiss tax laws.

The multidisciplinarity of our team enables you to obtain informed advice in the following fields.

  • Request for information
  • Spontaneous tax reporting and regularisation
  • Tax and inheritance law
  • Tax and inheritance planning and pension funds
  • Request for tax ruling
  • Tax on profit and earnings made on real estate

We recommend that you contact a specialist to complete and safeguard your tax return, who can reply to requests for information from the tax authority if necessary.

We recommend that you contact an expert who will help you to determine which elements to declare and assist you in the procedure.

The legal and tax advisors at Bonnefous & Cie are available to assist you throughout this process in order to safeguard your inheritance for your loved ones and ensure conformity with legal provisions.

We accompany our clients in their tax and inheritance planning and inform them of the tax implications of different types of pension fund.

Certain financial transactions may be very complicated and represent the basis of complex tax calculations. Our team of legal and tax advisors will provide you with support and a personalised solution designed to suit your project.

Our team of legal and tax advisors will help you with your tax and administrative procedures regarding your declaration of tax on profit and earnings made on real estate.